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Working for a living is a fact of life. We need our health and our bodies in order to keep food on the table and roofs over our loved ones heads. So what happens when you’re suddenly stricken by a serious injury or life-changing illness? That’s where disability insurance comes in.

Disability insurance offers policyholders the right to pay a monthly premium to the insurer in exchange for a payout on the claim in the event that the policyholder is unable to work due to illness, injury or another debilitating condition. Ensuring an income in this way can bring working people unparalleled peace of mind or, with the unfortunate occurrence of a bad faith case, unimaginable stress and hardship.

There are many different forms of disability insurance, including:

  • Short-term disability coverage.
  • Long-term disability coverage.

Workers’ compensation and veterans’ benefits provide yet another form of disability insurance, offering benefits to those who are injured while on the job or while serving in the military. However, statistics indicate that most disabilities are not caused by work-related injuries, making disability insurance a separate necessity.

Most insurance companies have a cap on the amount of monthly benefits that the insured can receive, usually a maximum of approximately $20,000 per month for top earners. Insurance companies also have certain requirements in place that the disability must meet in order to be eligible for coverage under the policy. For example, was the injury or illness unforeseeable, or is it related to a pre-existing condition? If the beneficiary is only partially disabled, can he or she still perform some job, regardless of whether it is their usual occupation?

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If you can no longer perform the core functions of your job, but your insurance company is refusing to pay your claim, or you feel you are not being adequately compensated considering the terms of your policy, the disability insurance attorneys at Hodes Milman can help.

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