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“We are already in the business of serving others, whether locally or across the country. I’m proud that in addition to our active charity contributions, we also donate our time away from the office to improve the community.” – Kevin Liebeck, trial lawyer.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

AOPA is more than an organization of pilots from the United States. While their mission is to promote general aviation and offer access to all who wish to fly, their core values encourage safety and training with integrity. Firm partner Kevin Liebeck and trial lawyer Gabe Houston are both instrument-rated pilots who donate their time to pilot training for best practices in an ever-crowded airspace. Their efforts, combined with thousands of other dedicated members, have reduced the accident rate by 25% and the fatality rate by more than 23% —  a combined 40% in both categories since 1990.

As a panel attorney for the AOPA, Gabe Houston provides consultation and representation benefits to participating AOPA pilot-members in the event of an aviation aviation-related legal matter. These include FAA enforcement action against a pilot’s certificate, an aircraft accident, or the purchase or sale of an aircraft. Firm associate Gabe Houston is a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot and aircraft owner who understands pilots and the airspace in which they fly. He is committed to helping pilots and passengers in the realm of administrative agencies tasked with regulating the airspace. Additionally, Gabe Houston has devoted his efforts to assisting injured aviation passengers, whether passengers on commercial airlines, in private aircraft or an airport environment.

Protecting the 7th Amendment

During the colonial days of 1688, English judges were servants under the King of England. These judges were often biased towards the King, and because of this, their rulings were not always fair to the colonists. King George III got rid of trials by juries in the Colonies, which upset colonists and fueled the fire that led to the American Revolution. When the Framers wrote the Bill of Rights, they understood how important it was to have a fair court system, so they made sure that the right to have a trial by jury was a fundamental law of the country.

The entire team of Hodes Milman Liebeck steadfastly believe that the right to trial by jury is under attack from billion dollar corporations. Several of our senior partners and associates volunteer their time to promote the education and awareness of this very important amendment through organizations such as The American Association for Justice and The American Board of Trial Advocates program Save Our Juries. The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is the only legal association comprised of members who practice either plaintiffs or defense law. Put simply, it is made up of adversaries who respect each other’s trial skills and dedication to the law, and members are by invitation only. Firm founders Dan Hodes and Jeff Milman are members of ABOTA.

Learn more about the 7th Amendment at SaveOurJuries.org, or watch this quick video from Mark Cuban below:

Experience You Can Trust

For more than 30 years, Hodes Milman Liebeck has provided families and individuals experienced, trusted and compassionate legal representation when they've been injured by another's carelessness or negligence. As a team of personal injury and product liability attorneys, Hodes Milman Liebeck provides focused expertise to build a strategic case against negligent, injurious and willful offenders.

Featured in the News

For their support of the Veterans Legal Institute, Managing Partners Jeff Milman, Dan Hodes and Kevin Liebeck received special recognition from the State of California, Congress and the United States. The firm has fought relentlessly to protect those who have served the country in matters involving medical malpractice, medical negligence and federal... Read More

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