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Among the most common personal injuries are slip and fall accidents. Pedestrians who trip on uneven pavement and shoppers who lose their footing on slippery linoleum or tile floors may be able to recover financial damages from property owners under the theory of premises liability.

It is important to note, however, that property owners are not automatically liable for any and all injuries that occur on their property. In order to be held responsible for injuries sustained on their land, property owners must make sure that their property is reasonably safe.

The law firm of Hodes Milman is staffed by experienced personal injury lawyers who will evaluate your legal claim and, if appropriate, represent you in your personal injury lawsuit.

Unsafe Conditions Leading to Trip and Fall

Although circumstances vary from case to case, you may have the basis for a slip and fall lawsuit, and should talk to an attorney at our firm if your accident involved:

  • A Slippery or sticky floor
  • Unmarked uneven walking surfaces (including sidewalks)
  • Unidentified “step down”
  • Holes or large cracks in pavement or flooring
  • Loose steps or handrails

Because the above conditions in and of themselves may not warrant a slip and fall lawsuit, it is important to speak with an attorney about the circumstances of your personal injury case.

Slip and Fall Litigation

In order to build a strong slip and fall accident case, an attorney must demonstrate that the property owner or business (or one of its representatives):

  • Caused the unsafe condition
  • Was aware of the dangerous condition but did not take steps to correct it
  • Should have been aware of the unsafe situation because a “reasonable person” would have seen it and taken steps to protect the safety of others

In some situations, it may be difficult to determine liability in a trip and fall accident. A skilled attorney at our law firm is familiar with applicable laws and can help to determine whether your accident merits a premises liability lawsuit.

Contact an Experienced Trip and Fall Attorney Serving All of California and Arizona

By working with a slip and fall attorney at Hodes Milman in California and Arizona, you will have a lawyer with the experience and knowledge your case needs in order for you to recover the compensation to which you are entitled. Our winning record of personal injury verdicts and settlements demonstrates our expertise in the legal arena. To schedule a free consultation with a skilled trip and fall attorney, contact our personal injury law firm today.



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