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Sexual Abuse in Medical Facilities

It is shocking to think about, but sexual abuse by doctors and staff in hospitals and medical facilities happens more often than most people would believe. There have been nearly 2,500 cases of sexual misconduct by doctors against patients in both hospitals and clinic offices reported to authorities over the last decade. However, because as many as 90 percent of victims do not report when doctors abuse them, the numbers are almost certainly much higher. Victims range from children to the elderly.

Why do cases go unreported? Often times, victims:

  • Feel intimidated by doctors
  • Are afraid no one will believe them
  • May not even realize they have been violated in the first place
  • May simply not know how to go about reporting it

Here are some examples of sexual abuse and assault that have occurred in hospitals and medical facilities:

  • Touching of intimate body areas unrelated to the medical reason for the examination
  • Sexual comments and innuendo
  • Being asked to undress in front of the doctor or not being provided a gown
  • Rape, which has happened to patients while under sedation.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual misconduct or abuse in a hospital or other medical facility, contact the compassionate attorneys at Hodes Milman and The Mittelman Law Firm for help. We are experts in handling sexual misconduct cases involving doctors and offer knowledgeable and compassionate counsel to victims. Don’t be part of the silent majority—Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

UHS Sexual Abuse

Universal Health Services is one of the largest providers of inpatient behavioral healthcare and acute care hospital services in the country. It reports billions of dollars in gross revenues yearly.  However, UHS is focused on its profits over patient safety.  More than two dozen UHS hospitals and its medical and non-medical staff have been the subjects of federal and state investigations for fraud and other matters and many are the subject of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse and assault. One doctor working at a UHS hospital in Temecula, CA is currently in jail, charged with 33 felony counts including sexual assault and rape of patients.  He is also the subject of multiple lawsuits Filed by Hodes Milman and The Mittelman Law Firm.

When hospitals are more concerned about the bottom line than about patient safety, bad things can happen. Patients are left alone and vulnerable because of understaffing, staff background checks are not thoroughly done, follow up on disciplinary actions against doctors or non-medical staff is delayed or doesn’t happen at all.  State medical boards regularly fail to discipline doctors for reported sexual misconduct. These are just some of the reasons that sexual assault can occur.

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If you or someone you know has been a patient in a Universal Health Services facility and believes you were sexually assaulted, contact the attorneys of Hodes Milman or The Mittelman Law Firm. We are actively involved in bringing cases against UHS hospitals. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.






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