(Last Updated on: April 3, 2020 )

Shoes that let you “get in shape without ever setting foot in a gym”? Skechers Shape-ups and other so-called “toning shoes” have always seemed too good to be true. Last summer, National Public Radio questioned whether the shoes, which ostensibly employ unstable soles to strengthen and tone the lower body, work as claimed. Now, several lawsuits have been filed alleging that the shoes not only are ineffective, but may even injure their wearers.

The lawsuits assert that toning shoes’ built-in instability can cause strains and sprains, stress fractures and broken bones—especially for those at higher risk of falling such as seniors and people with chronically weak ankles.

One plaintiff in the lawsuits told ABC News she developed acutely painful hip fractures after wearing Shape-ups for five months while working as a waitress. “We do not know of any testing or safety studies that Skechers did to determine safety,” her attorney pointed out. “If they’re going to invent a whole new way for a human being to walk, the very first thing they should do is studies to make sure that’s not going to harm their customers.”

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