A new safety trial that will utilize stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries is set to begin this year, according to CNN Health. The clinical trial, which has been approved by the FDA and UCSD’s Institutional Review Board, may offer new hope of recovery to paraplegics.

The trial, which is being conducted by Maryland-based company Neuralstem Inc., will involve injecting cells taken from fetal spinal cords directly into the injury site. The patients who will receive the initial injections are paraplegics who suffered a thoracic spinal cord injury one to two years prior and have no motor or sensory function below the site of their injury.

According to Neuralstem CEO Richard Garr, the goal of this innovative new trial is to “actually build new circuitry,” rather than attempting to simply repair the connection between spine and brain. Recent research that involved sending electrical stimulation to the spinal cords of paralyzed patients indicates that motor neuron circuitry is usually intact below the injury site, making it likely that the connection can be rebuilt.

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