(Last Updated on: November 27, 2019 )

 Last September, a young 24-year-old man tumbled to his death while aboard a legally out-of-service party bus operated by Platinum Style Limousine in North Hollywood. The young man, who was celebrating a co-workers birthday, fell down a stairway into a faulty passenger door, which swung open, and onto the freeway, where he was hit by the bus’ rear tires, and several cars. An investigation into the limousine company resulted in a request for charges to be filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for manslaughter and wrongful death against the parent company, Hyros Corp., and owner Ayrapet Kasabyan. The wrongful death claim was not filed, and charges for safety violations were filed instead, because the company had failed to comply with an out-of-service order.

The vehicle had apparently been poorly maintained, and was in an unsafe condition to operate. The vehicle door and tires had not been properly maintained or inspected, and records for such maintenance and inspection had not been kept; Even though out-of-service orders had been issued for nine vehicles employed by the limousine company that same month, the company continued to use them, putting countless customers in danger.

The door was fashioned with a faulty air compressor, and did not fully lock, yet after being ordered off the road, was used at least 50 times since.

Even though the California Highway Patrol recommended that company owner, Kasabyan be charged with manslaughter, the City of Los Angeles failed to sue for wrongful death, and instead filed charges for safety violations, with prosecutors alleging that negligence could not be proved, because the out-of-service order was not issued because of the defective door. “Mr. Kasabyan continued to use this vehicle for profit … exhibiting a malignant heart until the untimely death of the victim,” the CHP report said. “At no time, per Mr. Kasabyan’s own records, was there an attempt to properly fix this vehicle.” If charged, Kasabyan will do jail time for a little over four years, and be forced to pay $9,000 in fines and penalties. His parent company, Hyros Corp, is currently facing another violation and probation charge for false advertising, which will require him to pay over $11,000 in fines if found guilty.

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