(Last Updated On: October 12, 2020)

A 30-year old woman, pregnant with triplets, was admitted to the NICU due to pregnancy complications, stemming from in-vitro fertilization. After an extremely premature birth, all three infants contracted infections due to staff’s failure to observe proper hospital protocol, resulting in death for two of the triplets and severe brain damage for one.

Following their birth, all three were treated for staph infections, and two were ventilator dependent. The first infant died due to lack of treatment for pneumonia contracted from the ventilator due to a clerical error, preventing the necessary immediate treatment. The second infant died due to complications from an unnecessary intubation attempt by an unqualified and uncertified doctor. The infant was reportedly doing very well before the intubation attempt. The third, healthiest infant was selected for a random clinical trial against protocol. After being given higher than recommended doses of the clinical drug, the infant experienced kidney failure and severe brain damage. Jeffrey A. Milman, Esq., and Geoffrey S. Gray of Counsel Hodes Milman represented the triplet’s parents in mediation, resulting in a $2,500,000 settlement.




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