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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Honda Motor Co. and Takata Corp., a Japanese auto parts supplier, due to faulty airbags installed in millions of cars in the United States. The claim was filed in a Los Angeles federal court and accused Takata of deceitfully cutting corners to manufacture cheaper air bags, and that Honda knowingly purchased the faulty air bags to cut expenses. This action by both companies directly contradicts the intended purpose of airbags, which is to save people from harm in survivable accidents, not hurt or kill them.

The suit affects millions of automobiles sold in the United States between 2000-2008, made by Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Chrysler, Ford and BMW, with Hondas being the most likely to contain the faulty airbags. Automakers have already issued recalls for suspected car models, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued two alerts, using strong language, urging owners of 7.8 million affected vehicles to stop driving their cars until they can be inspected by dealers. Apparently, the air bags are subject to explosions on the passenger’s side, especially in areas with hot, humid weather. Although they are more likely to go off in hot humid areas, it shouldn’t affect a car owner’s decision to bring their vehicle for repair, even if they don’t live in states with that type of climate.

The lawsuit seeks to represent drivers who purchased Honda vehicles that have been subject to an air bag related alert or recall due to their Takata air bags. It seeks to collect economic damages for victims and their families, as well as reimbursement for the decline in value of their cars. In late 2014, a woman in Florida died in a car accident when, after hitting another vehicle, the airbag in her Honda exploded, causing shrapnel to lodge into her neck. Law enforcement officials initially treated it as a homicide case, because the wounds very closely resembled stab wounds.

If you believe your vehicle fits the above description, and you haven’t received any alert to bring it in for repair as of yet, you can visit NHTSA’s website, and chose the “Search by VIN” option to determine whether or not your car is at risk.

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