The FDA continues to move slowly on banning a chemical and the American Medical Association is so concerned that it has called for products containing the substance to be labeled accordingly.

The agency banned bisphenol A, known as BPA, from baby bottles and sippy cups in July, but most manufacturers of those products had already stopped using the compound. BPA remains in can linings and plastic containers, but the FDA has refused to budge on its position that it does not have enough information yet to ban the chemical from all products.

Even though the substance has been troublingly linked with brain, breast and prostate problems, the vast majority of the tens of billions of cans made in the U.S. each year are coated with BPA-based epoxy to help prevent bacteria growth and strengthen plastic. In spite of this, the FDA has not been proactive in protecting consumers from the chemical. “FDA continues to dodge the bigger questions of BPA’s safety,” Sarah Janssen, a senior scientist with the National Resources Defense Council, recently told the Wall Street Journal.

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