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Jeffrey Milman, with medical negligence and product liability law firm Hodes Milman and Timothy Ryan with personal injury firm Timothy J Ryan & Associates, filed a lawsuit on behalf of three patients who contracted a severe infection during an operation as a result of defective ventilation equipment at two Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center locations (Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach). The defective ventilation equipment created increased humidity to a level that posed a risk of contracting intra-operative infections.

The lawsuit alleges that Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center and parent company St. Joseph Health System knew of the defects and the risks they posed, yet CEO Kenneth D. McFarland elected to do nothing to rectify the issue. Further, Mr. McFarland gave permission to underreport the number of infection cases, prompting an investigation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). JCAHO confirmed the conditions of the faulty ventilation systems and determined that the operating rooms did not comply with federal standards, ordering 14 operating rooms to be closed for non-emergency procedures.

“The negligence of the hospital staff and maintenance employees who installed the HVAC systems resulted in three patients suffering from avoidable infections, severe physical and emotional pain, as well as disfigurement and disruption of their nervous systems,” said Mr. Milman. “We believe more patients are at risk and encourage them to contact us if they’ve undergone surgeries at these Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center locations.”

Mr. Milman demands a jury trial on all claims. If you or a loved one have contracted an intra-operative infection at either the Mission Viejo or Laguna Beach branches of Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center, please contact Mr. Milman immediately at jmilman@hml-lawyers.com or (949) 640-8222.




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