(Last Updated On: October 10, 2023)

The father of late famous actor, Paul Walker, most commonly known for the ‘Fast and Furious’ series, has filed a lawsuit for negligence and wrongful death against luxury automaker, Porsche. As the executor of his son’s estate, Mr. Walker claims that his son was riding in a vehicle that lacked necessary safety features which could have saved his life. Such features include a stability control system, side door reinforcements, and a breakaway fuel line to prevent the car from catching fire after a collison. The actor was killed in 2013 while riding in a Carrera GT with friend and business associate, Roger Rodas, after the car spun out of control, struck three trees, and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, California. Although Walker’s lawsuit claims the vehicle was traveling at a safe speed, between 63 and 71 mph, investigators concluded that it was actually going much faster, about 94 mph when the crash happened. The investigation, led by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol, concluded that the car traveling at an unsafe speed, not mechanical problems caused the crash. The investigation was also aided by engineers from Porsche, who evaluated the wreckage.

Rodas’ widow also has a pending wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche. These are not the only wrongful death lawsuits filed against the automaker, and the company has denied responsibility in all of them. They described Paul Walker as, “a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of the 2005 Carrera GT.” Porsche also stated in a court filing that the Carrera GT had been unsafely altered and improperly maintained, which contributed to his death.Walker co-owned an auto racing team with Rodas, ‘Always Evolving,’ and was the star of the ‘Fast and Furious’ film franchise. Upon his death, he had not yet completed the seventh feature film in the franchise, but the film was able to be finished with the help of his two brothers as stand-ins. He is survived by his father, and daughter, Meadow Walker.

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