So far this winter, a powerful snowstorm made New York City into a treacherous terrain of slippery snow and ice; meanwhile, a torrential rainstorm turned Los Angeles into a perilous landscape of slick streets and sidewalks. Although storms like the ones that struck New York and Los Angeles last month naturally increase residents’ risk of slipping and falling, in some cases weather conditions may be less to blame for an injury than a property owner’s negligence.

Property owners are, within reason, responsible for keeping their property safe. For instance, clearing snow or wet leaves, and if a person is injured on the premises as a result of their unreasonable failure to do so, they may be responsible for that person’s medical costs.

If you have been injured on another person’s property and you believe that your injury was caused by that person’s negligence in keeping the premises safe, contact Hodes Milman’s personal injury attorneys, toll-free at (949) 640-8222 or via the contact form on our website,  We have a track record of achieving favorable personal-injury verdicts and settlements.


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