Victims of elder abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual or financial, may soon be able to seek temporary shelter at long-term facilities as a number of nursing homes around the country move to create safe havens for the abused in the wake of startling new statistics. According to a study by the Medical University of South Carolina, one in 10 adults over the age of 60 are victims of elder abuse every year, with the victim’s own son or daughter most commonly acting as perpetrator.

In 2005, the Hebrew Home in Riverdale, New York created the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, an on-site shelter that provides emergency housing, health care and legal services to victims. At least half a dozen nursing homes have followed suit with similar programs, and Hebrew Home officials have several more shelters in the works.

Despite the frequency of its occurrence, elder abuse can be difficult to spot. Experts recommend keeping an eye out for any sudden changes in an elderly person’s daily routine or financial situation that may indicate abuse or exploitation. Signs of physical abuse, such as unexplained bruising, should be noted as well, although such allegations can be difficult to prove.

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