(Last Updated on: November 6, 2018 )

Litigation is developing against a dental group that allegedly brought harm to hundreds of children through the use of unsanitary practices and unnecessary dental procedures.

Children’s Dental Group, a private corporation that owns and operates 11 dental clinics throughout California, is accused of not following industry-standard regulations and protocols to ensure the water used during procedures was sanitary and free from harmful bacteria. As a result, numerous children were injured by a strain of bacteria found in the clinic’s contaminated water, causing severe infections that required victims to undergo serious medical treatment. This crisis caused at least 73 children to be hospitalized while hundreds more faced dangerous infections.

Children’s Dental Group has establishments in low income communities throughout California. They are alleged to have performed unnecessary procedures in order to acquire the insurance benefits of the children.

The dental chain is also accused of unnecessarily performing procedures such as pulpotomies and tooth extractions. Several children face potentially serious surgeries to correct the harm done by the dentists of Children’s Dental Group.

Court Appoints Dan Hodes as Lead Counsel in Children’s Dental Group Lawsuit

The California superior court judge presiding over the pending litigation has just appointed Daniel M. Hodes and James R. Moriarty as leading plaintiff’s counsel. The two attorneys will lead the plaintiff’s team that represent at least 80 families affected by Children’s Dental Group clinics. A total of 15 lawsuits are pending, including the involvement of 21 law firms. The Honorable Glenda Sanders of the Superior Court of Orange County presides over the litigation, while Carlos X. Colorado of Eagan Avenatti, of Newport Beach will act as liaison counsel.

Mr. Hodes explained, “As our team’s investigation of Children’s Dental Group continues, the Court’s order helps us further coordinate the litigation and effectively move forward. We have an excellent team in place to pursue the investigation and litigation on behalf of the families we represent.”

Mr. Moriarty expressed his concern, “This community health crisis caused at least 73 children to be hospitalized and we believe hundreds more faced debilitating infections. Our investigation and the pending lawsuits raise troubling questions about the policies and practices of Children’s Dental Group.”

Through their investigation into the policies and practices of Children’s Dental Group, Mr. Hodes and Mr. Moriarty seek to remedy the hundreds and children and their families affected by medical negligence and achieve justice for their families.




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