The Huffington Post reports that Bobby Russell, a 43-year-old U.S. veteran living in Lexington, Kentucky, is suing the hospital that allegedly misdiagnosed him as HIV positive. The University of Kentucky Medical Center (UKMC), the Bluegrass Clinic and Fayette County Health Department all stand accused of medical negligence in the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, a doctor at UKMC diagnosed him as HIV positive in September 2004. When Russell questioned the diagnosis, a second test was ordered; results of the second test indicated that Russell was HIV negative. Despite these results, which the lawsuit claims were never reviewed by the diagnosing physicians, Russell was advised by the doctor to seek treatment for HIV. Due to the misdiagnosis, Russell has taken potentially dangerous medication for the treatment of HIV, engaged in sexual contact with HIV positive partners and considered suicide.

The misdiagnosis was discovered in 2012 when Russell sought benefits from the Veterans Administration, a process which requires valid confirmatory test results. He is suing for damages of an undetermined amount.

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