(Last Updated on: September 11, 2021 )

Multiple lawsuits have been filed in California after exploding e-cigarettes left users severely injured. One user, Vicente Garza, had to have his left index finger amputated, and immediate surgery on his tongue after his e-cigarette exploded near his face. The incident left him with severe burns, and nearly unable to eat with the damage done to his tongue. Another victim, Cordero Caples, from Colorado, suffered more severe injuries, including a broken neck, facial fractures, shattered teeth, and the possibility of never being able to walk again. A famous soccer player with Los Angeles Galaxy, Daniel Califf, suffered severe injury in the form of a large hole in his cheek, and a concussion when his electronic cigarette exploded near his face. These tragic explosions are apparently not limited to one particular brand or area, and reports of dangerous e-cigarette explosions have been happening since 2012. The lawsuits claim that the e-cigarettes, and their components are unsafe, and the businesses/supply chains failed to warn consumers of the possible defects.

According to a 2014 report made by the U.S. Fire Administration on e-cigarette fires and explosions, the devices are outfitted with lithium ion batteries that have flammable liquid electrolytes which can explode when they overheat, mainly caused by too much voltage while charging. Since many e-cigarettes have USB ports for connecting the device to a variety of different power adapters with varying voltages and electric currents, it is highly possible for a device to become over charged. Most batteries can only hold a charge at 4.2 volts, but some outlets, such as car chargers, hold much higher voltage. Even though a multibillion-dollar industry with millions of users, the e-cigarette industry is still largely unregulated safety-wise.

E-Cigarette manufactures are alleging that the explosions are occurring because of misuse. They claim that their products are malfunctioning because customers end up using generic chargers that do not come with the original product. Because the chargers are incorrect, it runs the risk of providing too much power to the lithium battery, with potentially explosive results. Lithium batteries however, have a history of exploding, because of the enormous amount of power packed into a small space.

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