(Last Updated on: October 18, 2017 )

NBC San Diego reports that the FDA has issued a recall of frozen pomegranate seeds that may be linked to a nationwide outbreak of Hepatitis A. The seeds, imported from Turkey and labeled as Woodstock Frozen Pomegranate Kernels, were sold in eight-ounce packages with the UPC Code “0 42563 01628 9” on the back.

Costco’s Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend frozen berry mix, which was the subject of a recall in June, was found to have contained the same frozen pomegranate seeds, indicating that the seeds may have touched off the Hepatitis A outbreak that resulted in more than 120 cases nationwide. The current recall has been issued as a precautionary measure; so far, no illnesses have been linked directly to Woodstock Frozen Pomegranate Kernels.

Consumers who may have purchased the frozen kernels are advised to discard the product immediately, but retain the proof of purchase. Symptoms of Hepatitis A may take two to seven weeks to appear following exposure, and may include vomiting, diarrhea, mild fever, fatigue, appetite loss, dark urine and jaundice.

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