According to a new study published online in Pediatrics, pediatricians can expect to face fewer medical malpractice claims than other types of physicians – but among those claims, researchers found similar rates of payments that exceed $1 million.

The study, which examined the malpractice claims of more than 40,000 physicians (including 1,630 pediatricians) between 1991 and 2005, found that 3.1% of the pediatricians surveyed had a malpractice claim filed against them annually. That figure was compared to the annual percentage rate of 7.4% for other types of physicians, and 14.5% for medical doctors operating in high-risk specialties. However, of the 404 claims filed against pediatricians during the course of the study, 3.7% led to a payment of more than $1 million, a figure comparable to other types of physicians.

Certain types of pediatric patients are considered to be higher-risk cases and may be more likely to result in malpractice lawsuits, including children with meningitis, pneumonia and infants who have suffered brain damage.

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