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Bombs are ticking away in garages across America right now.

They might not look like bombs, it’s true. But these devices, called MAPP gas cylinders and used by plumbers, mechanics and do-it-yourselfers for heating, soldering, brazing and welding, are as incendiary as TNT: They are known to sometimes explode, injuring or killing the user.

The manufacturers of MAPP gas cylinders, Worthington Cylinders and Western Industries, have been aware for years of the defect that instigates these explosions. They didn’t recall the product until January, though—too late for the dozens of people who had already been injured or killed by it.

Now, Worthington Cylinders Wisconsin has issued a related recall for more than 30 million of its Map Pro, Propylene and MAPP gas cylinders. The company has learned that the seal on the cylinders can leak after the torches are unattached from them, creating a fire hazard.

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