New statistics published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show that medical misdiagnoses are on the rise, with approximately 150,000 Americans receiving a false or inaccurate diagnosis from a physician every year. Of those misdiagnosed, 1 in 3 will die or sustain debilitating injuries as a result.

According to CBS News medical contributor Holly Phillips, there are two main contributing factors leading to the increase in misdiagnoses: 1) people no longer have a single primary care physician who knows them well and can monitor symptoms effectively, and 2) doctors now have so many patients that the length of the average visit is dwindling and leading to compromised care.

In order to protect themselves from potential misdiagnoses, patients are encouraged to follow up with doctors, especially regarding test results. Additionally, the industry shift toward electronic medical files, which will follow patients from doctor to doctor, may help diminish the risk of misdiagnosis by informing physicians of an individual’s detailed medical history.

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