A man who regularly donated blood to Stanford University via the Stanford Blood Center claims that medical malpractice by the Center’s staff led to a life-threatening infection that ultimately cost him most of his collarbone, according to a lawsuit filed against the university that is currently heading to trial.

According to the complaint, the man, who donated blood to Stanford regularly over a five-year period, contracted a “severe Group B streptococcal infection” shortly after making a donation in April 2008. As a result of the infection, most of his left collarbone was removed. Stanford claims no responsibility, citing the rarity of the infection and the cleanliness of their needles, which are purchased prepackaged from an outside manufacturer.

In addition, the plaintiff claims that his blood was taken under false pretenses and sold by Stanford to private research entities for a profit. He is seeking restitution for the value of the blood he donated, as well as various damages, legal fees and compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering.

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