(Last Updated on: March 8, 2022 )

A natural medicine ‘practitioner,’ Vincent Gammill, has been charged for swindling a patient out of thousands of dollars by providing expired medications, and bags of dirt to treat her cancer. More than 25,000 prescription pills, morphine, and other substances illegally imported from Mexico and Russia were seized from his home and office. He was allegedly providing alternative methods of treatment to cancer patients without a medical license. According to Gammill, he received a doctor of science degree in the 1990s, but records show no formal medical degrees or training awarded to him. His charges also include suspicion of elder abuse, and practicing medicine without a license.

The mission statement on the website for Gammill’s company, the Natural Oncology Institute Inc., says that the company offers, “alternative and complementary care for those with cancer, to communicate this knowledge to individuals and practitioners and to provide practical assistance and support to those with cancer.” He is listed as its director, pharmaceutical designer, and consultant. “I’m totally innocent of everything,” stated Gammill. “If anyone is a victim, it’s me. I don’t treat people for cancer. I help let them know what their options are.” He also said that he wasn’t a doctor, and never pretended to be one.

The accuser, a cancer patient from Thousand Oaks, CA, says she first sought treatment from Gammill in 2009 as a last resort to cure her late stage cancer. He then charged her $2,000 for 16 hours of consultation and treatment including a number of small bags containing powders, vials of liquids, empty capsules, expired medication, and dirt. He allegedly told her that one of the chemical compounds he prescribed her could ‘burn a hole through the table,’ and showed her how to mix it over a frying pan. After following the prescribed treatment, the woman claimed that she experienced a burning sensation in her stomach. When she told Gammill about it, he claimed that it was a good thing, and it meant the ingredients were ‘active,’ but the mysterious concoctions and treatments failed to cure her, and she filed a report with the sheriff’s office. “Cancer patients are very vulnerable because there isn’t a cure and when you’re getting further down the line, you get desperate,” she said.

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