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Attorneys Benjamin Ikuta and Michelle Hemesath of Hodes Milman filed suit on April 2, 2021 on behalf of four patients who were illegally dispersed narcotic opioids and other medications under the table. Reza Ray Ehsan, M.D., a family practitioner, fabricated diagnoses and falsified medical records in order to justify dispersing excessive and unneeded medication for his patients. 

While practicing out of Superior Multi-Specialty West LA Urgent Care, Dr. Ehsan forced his patients to pay cash directly to him for their medication, pocketing over a million dollars in the process. Not only did Dr. Ehsan falsify records to justify the medication, he failed to actually perform proper examinations and failed to diagnose and treat the patients’ actual underlying conditions.

Dr. Ehsan intentionally and carelessly prescribed that excessive medication, including Norco and other narcotic pain medication, in order to create an addiction, which would then guarantee a future income stream.

As Ms. Hemesath explains: “Not only did Dr. Ehsan violate the Hippocratic oath, he intentionally harmed patients for the sole purpose of lining his own pockets. He even had an ATM set up in his office so that his patients would pay him in cash, which would not leave a paper-trail and avoid reporting to California’s prescription monitoring program. We have an excellent team at Hodes Milman to help achieve justice for the victims of Dr. Ehsan’s despicable and criminal behavior.”

In February of 2019, Federal authorities arrested Dr. Ehsan for his unlawful behavior in selling narcotics to patients and money laundering. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County, Case Number 21STCV12607. Click here to read the complaint.

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