(Last Updated on: March 8, 2022 )

A product liability and negligence lawsuit has been filed against Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean, maker of Wen, a line of hair products, for complaints claiming that the products caused consumers to lose significant amounts of hair. The lawsuit was filed when a customer lost about a third of her hair while using Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner. “As I was shampooing my hair with it, I was noticing handfuls of hair. Because my hair was so thick, I didn’t notice it right away…I did lose about a third of my hair, which is dramatic. I am still a long way from where my hair should be. I don’t know if it’s coming back,” she stated. Five other women are a part of the lawsuit, with some claiming bald spots.

The plaintiff is suing Chaz Dean and direct marketing firm, Guthy Renker for negligence, false advertising, and breach of warranty. Guthy Renker has acknowledged the lawsuit, but their attorneys have not responded to it yet. Guthy Renker Public Relations Manager, Sarah Elison, released a statement saying, “We take pride in the quality of Wen, and take the appropriate steps to ensure every Wen product we sell meets our high standards. We want all of our customers to have positive experiences with our products and we encourage any customer with a question to contact us.”

Wen Cleansing Conditioner has been on the market since the early 2000s. It has been endorsed by multiple celebrities, including Alyssa Milano, Brooke Shields, and Angie Harmon of the TNT drama Rizzoli & Isles. It was originally created as a 2 in 1 substitute for normal hair shampoo and conditioner, which creator, Chaz Dean, claims can damage hair with harsh chemical ingredients like sulfates and parabens. Chaz Dean has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but the Wen facebook page does offer a link to a complaint form on the Guthy Renker website.

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