(Last Updated on: May 21, 2020 )

Head and Brain Injuries From Car Accidents

Head trauma and brain injuries unfortunately happen often as a result of auto accidents in orange county on our busy roads and highways.

Often a result of a reckless driver, these devastating injuries can cause permanent damage that affects victims’ quality of life, their ability to earn a living, and even their ability to function in normal daily activities.

Head trauma and brain injuries can be mild, serious, or even fatal depending on the severity of the accident. And, these can include concussions, internal bleeding, swelling, and other serious complications. The long term effects often involve cognitive, physical, and psychological impairment.

Car Accident Concussions

If you’ve had a concussion, rest is the most appropriate way to allow your brain to recover from a concussion. Your doctor will recommend that you physically and mentally rest to recover from a concussion. This means avoiding general physical exertion, including sports or any vigorous activities, until you have no symptoms. For other head trauma’s recovery may require surgery and other therapies. It is the utmost important that you stay on top of your medical needs and follow your doctor’s advice.


After Suffering a Head or Brain Injury In An Accident

If you or a loved one has suffered head trauma or a brain injury due to a car accident, you need skilled, experienced legal representation that understands the specifics of these complex conditions, as well as an extensive understanding of personal injury law. This is not the time to go it alone or to hire an inexperienced attorney. With the complexities of these cases, you want an experienced legal professional on your side.


Speak To An Experienced Brain Injury Attorney in Orange County

At Hodes Milman we build solid cases for victims of head trauma and brain injuries to give them the best chance of obtaining fair compensation for their significant losses. Not only do we look closely at every detail of the accident, we closely evaluate your prognosis and how injuries will impact short-term and long-term quality of life. From medical expenses and lost wages to pain and suffering, we are dedicated to helping victims obtain the financial compensation they deserve to recover from their injuries and for getting on with life afterwards.

In Orange County, Ca. personal injury attorneys often hand off their cases to junior level assistants. At Hodes Milman we ensure that your case is first and foremost managed by a skilled, experienced attorney. And, we don’t obtain an attorney fee unless compensation for your case has been received. This gives you the best chance of being able to focus on your recovery. You shouldn’t have to be concerned right now with red-tape, big business insurance companies, or having to fill out stacks of complicated paperwork. By leaving the work to us, you will be able to heal with the peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled effectively.

To discuss the specifics of a head trauma or brain injury case for yourself or a loved one, call or email Hodes Milman today for a free case evaluation. With the right legal team on your side, you have the best chance of obtaining justice.




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When you work with us, you’ll see the difference. A lot of firms are quick to show you numbers, and it is absolutely true that your lawyer should have experience and a strong track record in the area that you require. However, we’ll take it one step further. We also believe that your attorney should put your needs, cares and desires first. Because you deserve more than just compensation for your losses - you deserve a true advocate.

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