Jeff Milman and Jessica Vanden Brink authored the article, “Continuous Infusion of Local Anesthetics (Pain Pumps),” in the Consumer Attorneys of California’s FORUM magazine. Since May 2010, the case In re Infusion Pain Pumps (JCCP 4615) has been pending before the Orange County Superior Court, coordinating more than 100 cases wherein plaintiffs claimed they were injured by an infusion pain pump. This year, it is likely that three bellwether cases will be tried to verdict.

The article delves into the history of pain pumps and the development of chondrolysis in patients, which is the disappearance of cartilage, all resulting in the hundreds of pending pain pump cases in federal courts, many of which are in California.

Mr. Milman, who was appointed as plaintiff liaison counsel for JCCP states, “For purposes of liability, plaintiffs have asserted claims based on strict liability, failure to warn and negligence.” Although many cases have been resolved via settlements, post-surgical issues and delayed diagnosis will create challenges to proving causation under the statute of limitations.


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