Allegations of a cover-up at a Phoenix VA hospital has thrown the department into a tailspin, with federal investigators set to audit facilities nationwide, according to a report on ABC News. The investigations began after a former employee claimed that he had information about a “secret waiting list” that was fabricated to give the appearance of shorter wait times for veterans who were seeking medical care, many of whom may have died as a result of medical negligence on the part of the VA.

Dr. Samuel Foote, a former clinic director who recently retired, sent letters to the VA Office of Inspector General alleging that at least 40 veterans have died as a result of systematic problems that led to delays in medical care at the Phoenix veterans hospital. He claims that administrators at the facility kept secret “off-the-book” lists of patients who were seeking care for serious medical issues in order to facilitate a cover-up if the patient died while still on the wait list.

Since Dr. Foote’s claims have come to light, two more former employees of the Phoenix VA have made similar allegations. Administrators at the facility deny any wrongdoing.

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