According to the Los Angeles Times, a father whose two children were struck and killed by a prescription drug-addicted driver is working with Santa Monica’s Consumer Watchdog group to launch an initiative that will raise the limits on the amount of money that juries can award for non-economic damages stemming from medical malpractice.

The current cap called MICRA, which was put in place in 1975, limits the amount to $250,000. The proposed law would take inflation into account and adjust the limits as needed; in today’s economy, the cap would be approximately $1 million. In addition to raising limits on malpractice awards, the law would also require that doctors undergo drug and alcohol testing, and that physicians use a database to track prescription drug dispensation throughout the state.

The children died after being hit by a car driven by a drug abuser who had been using medications prescribed to him by a variety of different physicians. The man’s pregnant wife was also struck by the car and injured, causing her to miscarry twins.

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