Just because it’s electric, doesn’t mean it can’t be defective. The entire run of the new “Karma” plug-in hybrid is being recalled due to a fire hazard.

Fisker, the Karma’s manufacturer, said in a report it filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that improper positioning of some of the cars’ hose clamps could result in coolant leaking into the battery compartment, causing an electrical short and, “in the worst case,” sparking a fire.

Makers of plain old gas-fueled cars are still making dangerous mistakes too. General Motors recently recalled nearly 4,300 Chevrolet Sonics of the 2012 model year because they might be missing the inner or outer pad of the front brake, making stopping the vehicle harder. Honda, meanwhile, has recalled a number of 2012 Odyssey minivans because a nut in the cars’ suspension can loosen and cause a loss of steering.

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