An article in the Sacramento Bee reports that the California Supreme Court could expand the potential liability of individuals who host parties at which alcohol is served to minors, so long as guests are charged for entrance.

The decision concerns a party thrown in 2007 by a 20-year-old, at which a 19-year-old guest was run over and killed by another guest who had been drinking. The party was held at the host’s parents’ home, who were out of town at the time.

The host, who charged guests an entrance fee to offset the cost of alcohol, may be held liable for the young man’s death under a California law that strips party hosts who sell alcohol of their immunity in the event of an unruly or otherwise dangerous guest. The case, which is to be decided by early March, may pave the way for lawsuits against minors who host parties where cover charges are levied and alcohol is served.

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