Breast cancer is frequently misdiagnosed either by the physician’s failure to follow up on a clinical mass, the failure to appreciate suspicious findings on a mammogram or the failure to properly interpret a biopsy.  Since breast cancer is a disease that inexorably progresses over time, the likelihood of a cure decreases considerably when there is a delay or spread.

For two decades, Dan Hodes has handled upwards of 100 medical malpractice cases involving undiagnosed or misdiagnosed breast cancer – likely more than any attorney in California – and securing millions of dollars for his clients and their families.

Mr. Hodes is available to provide background or commentary on a range of issues related to breast cancer and medical malpractice, including:

  • Conflicting mammogram screening recommendations – US Preventative Services Task Force versus the American Cancer Society – and the implications of each.
  • Standard of care: What is the appropriate physician work-up under suspicious circumstances?
  • The two-fold challenge of medical malpractice involving breast cancer: Proving liability of the hospital/physician and proving that this delay or misdiagnosis would have made a difference.
  • What women can do to avoid a delay in diagnosis or treatment.