After the deaths of five children and more than 70 consumer complaints failed to spur a voluntary recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a federal complaint against the manufacturer of the Nap Nanny, a portable baby recliner.

For more than five months, the consumer watchdog group has been urging Baby Matters LLC to pull the Nap Nanny from store shelves and offer customers a full refund. Alex Flip, spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, calls the recliner, “a hazardous product,” citing the numerous complaints and five reported Nap Nanny-related infant deaths that have occurred since 2010.

Leslie Gudel, inventor of the Nap Nanny, posted a statement to the company’s website claiming that, “No infant using the Nap Nanny properly has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention”. Gudel maintains that misuse of the product, rather than faulty design, is to blame.

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