2002, his tests indicated blood glucose of 164 and A1C of 6.5, and by early 2007 his levels drastically increased to blood glucose of 928 and A1C of 14.7.  The doctor ordered the man to have labs done in 2003, and then on March 7, 2007, ordered him to go to the hospital, but he disregarded both.  He was found dead March 8, 2007 by his 19-year old daughter. Since an A1C reading of 6.0 or higher is considered by most to be diagnostic for diabetes, the doctor under reasonable standards of care should have prescribed diabetes medication in early 2002.  Additionally, if a “finger stick” blood glucose test was performed in March 2007, the man would have been taken to the hospital on site. Had either event occurred, it is highly likely the man would have survived.