(Last Updated On: September 8, 2017)

A pipefitter with 25 years of experience was installing an HVAC system when the portable MAPP Gas torch and cylinder he was using malfunctioned, causing an explosion which left him with first and second degree burns to his chest, arms and face. The MAPP Gas cylinder was constructed of steel, but the manufacturer employed an ill-advised assembly process that severely compromised the integrity of the steel, rendering the cylinders prone to unprovoked failure. MAPP Gas cylinders containing this potential defect have been manufactured since the 1970s, and though production ceased in 2008, millions of these dangerous devices remain in circulation today, and can cause fires and explosions with little to no provocation, potentially resulting in severe injury or death for the operator of the device and bystanders. The lawsuit, which resolved shortly before trial, alleged that the manufacturer had known of the defect since shortly after the product was put on the market, and faced the potential of punitive damages at trial.  The defendant manufacturer claimed—as they had in prior cases—that the injuries and deaths caused by their product were due to “misuse” by the victims. The plaintiff was represented by Kevin G. Liebeck and Jason M. Caruso of Hodes Milman resulting in a settlement of $427,500.  Mr. Liebeck has substantial experience with MAPP Cylinder litigation, having handled or consulted on multiple MAPP Cylinder cases across the United States.




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