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Fig & Olive, a famous fine dining restaurant chain based in New York, has been linked to salmonella outbreaks at two of its locations across the country. As many as 160 people in five states contracted the disease from the Washington D.C. location, and the outbreak in West Hollywood has affected up to 12 people, including employees. It has been confirmed that the same strain of salmonella implicated in the D.C. outbreak was found in the West Hollywood outbreak. Although the specific food item that caused the outbreak has not been determined, certain items containing truffle oil, such as fries and mushroom croquettes, have been taken off the menu at both locations. “There has not been a recall because Fig & Olive makes their truffle oil, according to the California Department of Environmental Health and Acute Communicable Disease Control,” a spokesperson stated. The health department has been interviewing patients and staff to determine the cause of the outbreak, and food handlers showing symptoms have been removed from their positions. The restaurant itself was forced to close down for six days. “We voluntarily closed our West Hollywood location for a brief time after some diners and employees reported they had become sick. We immediately hired a third-party food safety firm and worked with the Public Health Department in Los Angeles to address the situation…After taking steps to ensure that all food preparation and safety standards were being followed, that food stocks were safe, and all employees had been screened, the restaurant reopened the same day with the Health Departments approval.” Stated a company representative. An investigation by the L.A. County Department of Public Health is still ongoing, even though the restaurant has received the okay to reopen for business.

Persons showing symptoms of salmonella after eating at the West Hollywood location report eating there in between Sept. 6th and Sept. 11th of this year. The restaurant hosted two Emmy related events around this time, but any celebrity salmonella contractions have yet to be reported.

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