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An auto accident can cause a vast array of painful and visible physical injuries. However, it’s the hidden injuries that are often the most painful and long-lasting. Post traumatic stress is a common injury following an auto accident, and it can be a life-altering condition that produces far-reaching symptoms including insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, hopelessness, and debilitating fear.

Many think that post traumatic stress is a condition that only soldiers in combat acquire due to the overwhelming stresses of war. However, post traumatic stress can also happen to anyone who is faced with an unexpected, disturbing situation such as a car accident. If you have been diagnosed with this incredibly challenging condition, you may be dealing with lost time from work, mounting medical expenses, and difficulty with personal relationships. Post traumatic stress can be just as painful as any physical condition suffered in an accident!

How do you know if you’re suffering from Post Traumatic Stress?
Many car accident victims are not even aware that they have post traumatic stress, but rather, suffer silently with a variety of symptoms. These symptoms sometimes go away over time, but for many victims, they become stronger, changing the way one thinks and acts. These symptoms include:

  • A general feeling of uneasiness
  • Problems driving or even being a passenger in a vehicle
  • Fear of having medical tests or procedures done
  • Irritability, anxiety, or anger
  • Nightmares or difficulty sleeping
  • A feeling of disengagement from others
  • Ongoing, uncontrollable bad memories from the accident

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