The 48 year-old man, who is both the lead guitarist of an influential punk band and a sought after designer of custom jewelry for the music industry-elite, sustained serious physical and financial injuries when his motorcycle collided with a vehicle driven by a man who was driving with a suspended license. The collision occurred when the defendant pulled his car in front of the plaintiff’s motorcycle in an intersection. Plaintiff was unable to stop, struck the front of defendant’s vehicle, and was ejected from his motorcycle, suffering injuries including a broken hand, damage to his knee and foot, tendinitis and pain in his arms and wrists, and facial abrasions and lacerations. The injuries prevented him from playing guitar on the album that the band was in the process of recording, and forced the cancellation of tour dates throughout Japan. Kevin Liebeck of Hodes Milman Liebeck, LLP represented the plaintiff in a personal injury case, which settled for $100,000, the limits of the defendant’s insurance policy.