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Pain pumps are surgically implanted devices intended to help patients manage pain by providing a steady supply of medication to the patient. The device in the past was implanted in the shoulder joint and administers the painkilling drugs directly to the patient’s joint, post operatively. Unfortunately, pain pumps are a common culprit in many serious product liability cases.

The Advantages and Risks of Pain Pumps

Pain pumps can provide an effective means for short-term pain management with a number of potential advantages over traditional pain relief methods including minimized reliance on oral medications and an increase in day-to-day functioning for the patient. However, pain pumps can also lead to serious and even life-threatening side effects if the device happens to be defective or is implanted in the shoulder joint. The health risk associated with pain pumps is Chondrolysis, the disappearance of cartilage.

While pain pumps provide a continuous infusion of anesthetizing medication to patients who are suffering from shoulder surgery, they are also responsible for thousands of injuries – injuries for which their manufacturers should be held accountable. If you or a member of your family has suffered as a result of a pain pump, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and hardship.

Pain Pumps and Product Liability

Many pain pump product liability cases have been based on claims of strict liability, failure to warn and negligence on the part of manufacturers. However, a number of issues have made it challenging for product liability attorneys working with clients who have suffered adverse effects related to pain pumps to establish causation within the statute of limitations. Among these issues are delayed diagnosis and post-surgical issues.

Despite these challenges, there are hundreds of pending pain pump product liability cases in federal courts and the state of California.

Benefit Of  Speaking To A Product Liability Attorney

At Hodes Milman, our experienced team of product liability attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve if you or someone you love has sustained an injury as a result of a defective or faulty pain pump. Founding and managing partner Jeffrey A. Milman is considered a leader in the product liability practice area, particularly in regard to successfully obtaining compensation for his clients in pain pump cases. Mr. Milman has represented a large number of plaintiffs in pain pump product liability lawsuits.

Many of his cases allege that pain pump manufacturers and distributors knowingly marketed the devices for use in ways not approved by the FDA, leading to severe physical injury. Hodes Milman believes that this negligence on the part of pain pump and other medical device makers should not escape the attention of the courts; we are willing to fight for our clients to ensure they are duly compensated for their suffering, hardship, injury and expense.

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