The National Jury Verdict Review & Analysis highlighted two motor vehicle negligence victories – one by Partner Daniel M. Hodes resulting in a $375,000 settlement, and another by Jeffrey A. Milman resulting in a $550,000 settlement.

On August 13, 2014 the 34-year-old plaintiff was riding his motorcycle behind a vehicle being operated by the defendant. The defendant made a U-turn in front of him, which caused him to be thrown over the hood of the defendant‘s vehicle. The collision caused the plaintiff to suffer a laceration to the eye and several fractures throughout his body. The damage to the plaintiff’s left hand had required surgical fusion surgery. Mr. Hodes represented the plaintiff.

In March of 2012, a 58- year-old male plaintiff was rear-ended causing him to suffer increased back pain, requiring him to go to pain management class. Despite the plaintiff’s complex history of cervical and lumbar surgeries, the accident exacerbated the plaintiff’s back pain. Mr. Milman represented the plaintiff.