A 46-year-old mother of six was struck from behind while driving with her son. It was later determined that the other motorist was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision. At the scene of the accident, the plaintiff told police she was suffering from pain in her neck and back, as well as numbness in her arms and hands. She sustained cervicalgia (pressure on the nerve roots exiting the cervical spine) as a result of the crash, though the defendant contended that the injury had existed prior to the accident. Due to the plaintiff’s health history, she was unable to undergo surgery to correct the issue, and thus continued to have pain. The plaintiff had previously settled with the defendant for the policy limit of $25,000, the costs of her medical bills exceeded that amount, leading her to pursue underinsured motorists’ coverage from her own insurance provider. Jeff Milman and Jessica Vanden Brink settled the case in mediation for $47,500.