Partner Jeffrey Milman authored the article, “Expert Advice for Consumers When Filing and Litigating a Civil Lawsuit,” published in ExpertBeacon, discussing what consumers should and shouldn’t do when filing or litigating a lawsuit. Mr. Milman advises parties entering a lawsuit to consult several attorneys before making a decision, taking into account the attorney’s experience, appearance and expertise. Other important steps listed in the article include, obtaining key documents relevant to the case, creating a communication timeline and preparing a list of witnesses.

Similarly, Mr. Milman warns consumers of common mistakes people make that oftentimes hurt their case when it goes to trial, such as making threatening phone calls or sending angry emails. Additionally, he recommends consumers clean up social media profiles, do their research on other parties in the suit and lastly, to consider if litigation is the best option.

Litigation is never completely secure, but gathering and organizing as much information as possible can help mitigate your risk and create a lawsuit that is likely to succeed.

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