Hodes Milman Liebeck, LLP partner Jeff Milman authored the article, “Life After War: A Veteran’s Incessant Struggle,” featured in Orange County Lawyer magazine.  With plans to withdraw U.S. troops from abroad, the number of veterans will significantly increase; however, veterans continue to face hurdles in seeking medical treatment and recovery for the injuries they suffer from.  Mr. Milman explains that active duty military members are restricted from bringing claims against the United States for personal injuries sustained while fulfilling military duties, and so they must wait until discharge to bring claims for medical negligence or malpractice by the Veterans Administration (VA) system.  The VA system is antiquated due to its lack of communication among departments, long waits and requirements to initially visit primary care providers.  Despite these hardships, legal avenues to compensation for VA negligence and malpractice are severely limited.  According to Mr. Milman, it is vital that veterans consider a life care plan to cover future medical care, which is fashioned in accordance with a planner.