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Many of us worry about how we will provide for our loved ones on a daily basis, whether we are concerned with spouses, children or other dependents. Yet, many people are left wondering what will happen to their loved ones after they die. Life insurance offers a solution to this problem, allowing a designated beneficiary to receive payment on a claim after the policyholder’s death. Unfortunately, some insurers refuse to pay valid life insurance claims.

Most life insurance policies contain specific exclusions, stating that the claim may not be collected if the policyholder passes away due to a particular cause. Causes of death that may prohibit the full payment of life insurance claims to the beneficiary include:


Some policies will not pay if the holder commits suicide within a certain timeframe, such as within 2 years of taking out insurance policy.

Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol or drug abuse, including accidental overdose and alcohol-related illness.

Dangerous Activities

Most policies will specify the kinds of activities they feel exhibit a wanton disregard for life, such as car racing or skydiving. Frequently, policyholders can opt to pay a higher premium for increased coverage that extends to such activities.

Illegal Activities

Any policyholder found to be breaking the law at the time of his or her death could be putting their life insurance benefits in serious jeopardy.

War, Riot and Civil Commotion

Although “act of war” exemptions have been missing from life insurance policies for several decades, some insurers may interpret death under such circumstances to fall under the categories of “dangerous” or “illegal” activities.

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At Hodes Milman, we have more than 25 years’ experience in assisting clients concerning life insurance bad faith practices in both California and Arizona. If you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and your insurer is refusing to pay your claim, we can help. Our expertise and professional reputation means that we are committed to following each case through to trial, if necessary, while our dedication to providing each client with personal attention ensures that your case won’t fall through the cracks in the legal system.

Insurance companies are required by law to fully investigate all reasons why a claim should be payable, rather than simply looking for reasons not to pay. If your life insurance claim has been denied unfairly, you are entitled to legal representation.

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