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Your home should provide safety, security and happiness. But when something destructive happens to your home, homeowners insurance should provide a way for you to rest easily knowing that your expenses will be covered – and, that you won’t be left out in the cold.

There are several traditional exclusions to homeowners insurance policies – events that most insurers won’t cover with standard policies. These include:

  • Floods, earthquakes and landslides
  • Acts of war and terrorism, including nuclear explosions
  • Mold damage. There is often limited coverage for mold
  • Neglect, including structural repair caused by termites, failure to schedule regular inspections, etc.
  • Intentional damage by a resident
  • Construction defect

Homeowners insurance doesn’t just apply to the structure of the building itself, but also to its contents – your personal possessions (although luxury items with a higher theft risk may require the purchase of additional insurance for full coverage). Homeowners rely on this money to help them rebuild their lives and their homes after disaster strikes.

Yet bad faith practices may leave many insured people homeless or destitute due to no fault of their own. If you feel your insurance company is withholding your claim due to fraudulent reasons, the legal team at Hodes Milman can help.

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