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Owning a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Yet when setbacks occur that are beyond your control, the consequences can be tragic. Business insurance is necessary to protect your assets and ensure that your business can recover from any stumbling blocks that may arise.

Business interruption insurance

While property insurance only covers physical damage to the structure of the property, such as a flood or fire that ravages a building, business interruption insurance provides additional coverage that accounts for losses incurred by the interruption of the business itself, including loss of income.

Business insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Loss of profits based on previous financial statements to determine how much the business would have earned if it had been operating as usual
  • Fixed costs for the property, including operating expenses
  • Extra expenses that the business may incur during the period of interruption, including repairs to the property and temporary re-location

Insurance companies that provide this kind of coverage are sometimes critical of claims. If your business was interrupted or your property was damaged and your insurer is refusing to pay your claim, contact the bad faith insurance attorneys at Hodes Milman .

We have represented businesses large and small in both California and Arizona for nearly three decades, from multi-million dollar companies and prominent developers to independent startups and mom-and-pop shops. We refuse to let insurance companies off the hook and we’ll help you see your case through to settlement or trial.

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