The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the federal governmental body that stands between American consumers and potentially harmful products; it is one of their few bulwarks against unthinking—or just unscrupulous—manufacturers.
That’s why it’s alarming that Congress is currently moving toward OK’ing a proposal that would weaken the commission by lessening its power over lead-content limits for toys, replacement schedules for outdated cribs and product testing, generally. Specifically, the proposal would dilute a potent 2008 consumer-protection law, letting child-care facilities wait longer to replace old cribs, postponing the implementation of a lower lead-content limit for toys and loosening product-testing requirements for businesses.

The proposal does face opposition—from U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, for example. Children in day-care centers “should not be placed in cribs that don’t meet up-to-date and rigorous safety standards,” the North Carolina lawmaker told the news organization Bloomberg last month. “Lead-content limits should not be stretched to benefit industry to the detriment of our children.” 

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