According to a new study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, an increasing number of young people between seventh and twelfth grades are using prescription drugs recreationally.

The study, which focused on more than 54,000 junior high and high school students in the Greater Cincinnati area, found that 13.7% of those polled had used prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription in their lifetime. Males were more likely to abuse drugs than females, and high school students had a greater incidence of drug abuse than those in junior high school.

Citing national research, the study’s authors posit that kids are using prescription drugs due to a false notion that they’re safer than illicit drugs. The study, published in the Journal of Primary Prevention, also found that “students at every grade level who reported high levels of parent and peer disapproval of use were at decreased odds for lifetime nonmedical prescription drug use,” indicating that the greatest defense against drug abuse may be a positive and supportive social and familial atmosphere.

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