A 45-year-old woman was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and as a result, sustained injuries including neurologic damage and liver failure. The woman, who consulted her primary care physician because one of her legs was dragging when she walked was referred to a neurologist for care. She underwent a complete MS workup, including MRIs of the brain and spine; although the results were not indicative of MS, the neurologist began treating her condition as such, implementing a regimen that included the administration of MS medications. Less than six months after this treatment regimen began, the plaintiff was hospitalized with acute liver failure, necessitating a transplant. While in the hospital, it was discovered that the plaintiff was not suffering from MS, but rather a herniated disc which could have been treated with surgery. Following the transplant, she experienced two episodes of rejection and remains neurologically impaired. Daniel M. Hodes of Hodes Milman, LLP represented the plaintiff. The case resolved in mediation for $2.1 million.