(Last Updated on: October 10, 2023 )

A lawsuit has recently been settled, which accused California schools of forcing students to take phony classes in place of real credits, denying students of their necessary education. In one case, a Fremont high school senior claimed that she would request various courses, but instead of being put in an educational classroom, would be forced to attend three ‘classes’ a day where all she would do was stamp letters, cut papers out of work books, and do various errands and tasks for teachers. This has been part of a growing trend in California schools where students will be enrolled in sham courses, having to either sit quietly or perform small administrative tasks instead of educational instruction. At least six schools in the Los Angeles and Oakland areas have been taking part in this abusive and negligent practice. The American Civil Liberties Union is spearheading the lawsuit, claiming that schools in poorer sections of the state purposefully kept students from taking classes they needed to graduate. At Jefferson High School in South Los Angeles, hundreds of seniors were told to sit in the cafeteria or gymnasium, and do nothing, instead of taking necessary courses required for graduation. When asked about this incident at Jefferson High School, a school official was quoted as saying, “I’ve never been to Jefferson, I don’t know what’s going on in Jefferson, I haven’t paid any attention to what’s going on in Jefferson, it’s not my job.” These phony classes were given titles such as “College Class,” “Inside Work Experience,” “Home,” “Adult Class,” and “Service,” but were actually covers to force students to perform menial tasks, or just free periods where students did nothing but socialize or surf the web.

As part of the settlement, state officials are required to aide these schools in scheduling improvement, getting rid of the fake classes. The state also passed a law, AB 1012, which mandates that all classes in the state of California must have educational content.

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